Thursday , 17 April 2014
Love and Trust: In Love We Trust, Or Is It…

Love and Trust: In Love We Trust, Or Is It…

“Love is weakest when there is more doubt than trust but love is strongest when we learn to trust despite the doubts.” 


Love and Trust; the two go hand in hand. It seems like these days trust is non-existent, extinct even. How many women AND men for that matter carry their heartache and lack of trust into current and new relationships? I would say just about every male and female that has ever been heartbroken. The vicious cycle that is on repeat from those who hurt is never going to end. Men get hurt and they vow to themselves to never ever feel that way again sooooooo what happens they become players, they remove, hide and destroy all trace of emotions. The women they mess around with, despite the pain they have been subjected to in the past still end up with emotions, that’s how we are no matter how hard we try, unless you have somehow mastered the art to literally fuck and not care. I don’t think I know a female like that. These women end up being 3am club fucks, baby momma’s, whores, and emotional wrecks who refuse to fully trust again.

The question is then raised; can you fully trust again? Can you find the part of you that is still willing to set aside the past and allow someone else to opportunity to take a chance with your heart? They say once trust is broken it can never be gained back, well anyone who knows me, knows that I disagree with that statement. I feel that trust is simply fear. When we love for the first time we go in it thinking our life will play out like a fairytale, it goes smoothly until we realise that reality has struck. Although that first heartbreak is the worst, each time our trust gets abused the feeling will never get old, it still hurts. 

In love we trust, or is it? Love is that emotion that despite the possibility of pain we still subject ourselves, we still crave it, we still fight for it. They say insanity is doing the same thing over again but expecting a different result, I look at that like love. A human being is imperfect therefore NO relationship can be without fault. I repeat, no one is perfect; therefore no relationship can be. No matter how many times you pick apart your brain trying to figure out what you did wrong, or what they did wrong, expecting someone that imperfect to give you something which is perfect is insanity. We know that in order to love we must be willing to be vulnerable. Willing to hand over your heart to someone and trusting them with everything in you not to hurt you. Hurt is an emotion that inevitable, so to think that you will be in a relationship without hurt is also ludicrous, yet so many of us tend to forget that. 

Trusting in love simply means to put aside your fears and just live. A life without love, in my opinion is like a life without enemies. Someone who goes through life with no enemies is a person who is a chameleon and adjust to their surrounding never being true to themselves. To live without love is a life lived in fear, the fear of pain keeps you in restraints. I don’t about you, but I honestly couldn’t go through life like that. Live and Love a little. 


It’s impossible to find someone who won’t EVER hurt you, so when you find the person that is worth the pain remember that without pain, pleasure wouldn’t feel so good.








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