Wednesday , 23 April 2014
Know Your Role… Girlfriend Number 2

Know Your Role… Girlfriend Number 2

You can SAY you know your worth, but how you treat yourself and how you let them treat you TELLS the truth about what you think you’re worth.


Ladies, ladies, when you sign up to be the girl on the side, the after hours girl, the girlfriend number 2 it is very important that you know your role. Too often girls sign up for these positions and then complain once they are in them. You can’t be a midfielder and then try to be the striker, know your role and play that position. In these games you already know the outcome of the game, it is no surprise when you only play the last 10 minutes of the game, you should be lucky that you even get squeezed into the 90 minutes.

Every girl has put their name down to play that position but when that level of maturity and womanhood has been reached, you learn your value and refuse to be downgraded or treated any less than you deserve. Now, I understand that you have some girls who actually want to be the girl on the side, and if that is your cup of tea than by all means due enjoy it. On the other hand, you have the girls on agree to be the girl on the side but then complain and demand more from the person as if their lines wasn’t given to them before the movie even began. Now that scene one is over, they want to try and change their role. Honestly, why is it that girls like this always try to go on some way to the main chick, like sweetie those aren’t your lines. You’re getting upset with the main chick because she is in the top cast and your just an extra. Hunnie, you really have no right to be mad, like YOU put yourself in that position thinking that in the credits you will be higher up when in actual fact your just listed as “girl 2″. I personally don’t get it, you run the girl down to your friends as if it makes you look better, but it only makes you look stupid. You want to be in her position so bad but you already have shown how you value yourself to the guy/girl so you really can’t expect them to wife you. 

See, even though some girls may say that they want to be girlfriend number 2, they only settle because they somehow believe that all the good men/women are taken, so they settle for what they believe. While others just settle because it is more of a want, a selfish reason, or they haven’t figured out their self worth. My momma always used to say go for the one that kisses you on your forehead and calls you beautiful, rather than the ones that say sexy and probably don’t kiss at all. Yes, every girl wants attention but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than your worth.


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