Saturday , 19 April 2014
I’m Black and I’m Gay: Homophobia

I’m Black and I’m Gay: Homophobia

“Everybody’s journey is individual.  If you fall in love with a boy, you fall in love with a boy.  The fact that many Americans consider it a disease says more about them than it does about homosexuality. “

~James Baldwin

Recently in the NBA world Jason Collins came out and declared to the world, I’m Black AND I’m Gay and I say KUDOS to him. It takes a brave person, especially one in his position to go against the ‘norm’ and say; Hey I love differently from you and I am ok with that. After reading his story online at Sports Illustrated, it moved me. He is such a positive and strong man, he has already planned for the worst but still seems to be extremely optimistic. We need more people like him walking the earth. 

I was discussing this story with someone today and they had said how a different write up had quoted older reactions from others on John Amaechi’s coming out. People can be so ignorant when it comes to sexuality. You wouldn’t say I don’t feel comfortable around a straight girl/guy in a group setting, but you say that about a gay person. Just because a guy or girl is gay DOES NOT mean that they are attracted to EVERY one of the same sex! So because Jane is straight she must want to approach and come on to every guy that she sees, that is ludicrous. It really is ignorant and stupid when people say comments like the one made by Tim Hardaway in 2007. He basically stated that if he had a gay teammate he would ask for them to be removed and wouldn’t feel comfortable in the changing room and so on. To me that entire comment is stupid and it upsets me. I just think people are so afraid of the unknown and what they don’t understand that their immediate reaction is to judge. 

Jason Collins came out in a very respectful way, he didn’t want to do it while he was under contract with a team, so that it wouldn’t affect his team in a negative way. In my opinion he put his team before himself and that is a real man. Many may not call him a hero or even a star but in my opinion he is a strong black man who just so happens to love differently than others. I am sure he will take slack for being honest, but like he said “he has been booed before.” After 33 years of living in the closet and admitting to himself that he is gay he was strong enough to come out to the world, while still being active in the NBA. The first to do so yes, but someone had to do it and I am glad it was him who popped the cherry.

It is sad how one detail that people didn’t know about a person all this time, all of a sudden can dictate how they treat them. So now that you know this detail the person that you knew all this time all of a sudden becomes a stranger, less of a human? They are the same person that you knew all this time, only difference that you know a little bit more about them. Times have changed, and more and more people are starting to be more accepting which is a start, we may have millions of miles to go before we reach the finish line but at least the race has begun. 

Life is too short to live life in the shadows, in the dark. In the blink of an eye, drop in temperature, minute more on the clock, everything can be taken away from you so why not live open, truthfully and free. 

“Be you in a world full of clones, its ok to be an original, the copies are never quite as unique and meaningful.“

~ HymeshaDiana



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