Thursday , 17 April 2014
Drive: Pt 3

Drive: Pt 3

(Click to read Drive-Pt 2)

Eager to taste my juices he helped me up and we switched positions. He bought his face to mine and kissed me with passion and aggression, his lips on mine gave me tingles down my spine. He started to kiss and nibble on my ears while his hands gripped my ass. Making his way down my body ensuring that he paid attention to every inch of my body, turning me on more with each kiss he plants on me. He reaches my spot and notices my new accessory; my freshly pierced clit. Greedily he took me into his mouth sucking gently on what was his for the moment causing me to dig my nails in the seat. I wanted more, I needed more. Sensing my body he started teasing me with his finger while sucked and licked my clit. I was going insane. I whsipered in his ear that I wanted him inside me now…

He stood up and then picked me up out of the car and placed me on the hood, which was still warm on my ass. The security lights of the school were on and the way that it shined on our bodies made the moment sexier. He took out the and was about to put it on when I stopped him. I placed it on the tip with my fingers and then slid it on gently with my mouth. Hungry for more, he teased my pussy with his head, making me wetter by the second. He entered my walls and I dug my nails in his back as the feeling of first contact takes our breath away. His hard cock fills me up as it slides slowly and deep inside my wetness.  Our bodies so sensual yet aggressive. As I grind my hips on him his grip tightens around my waist. His lips find mine and the heat within my body rises as the passion between us heightens.

As we switch positions you position me face down on the hood making me feel like I am being punished, oh god the feeling caused me gasp as my legs trembled beneath me. With his hands on my waist as he entered me from behind, I can feel the urgency and aggression take over as he thrust deeper and harder into me. My legs tremble between his as he grips my ass. His head back, our moans getting louder, I grip my nipple and I say “cum for me”. Unable to hold it any longer, “oh god, don’t stop, yes YES YES” escapes my mouth as my orgasm takes full control of my body. I can feel my muscles grip his cock and then he cums, sinking his teeth into my shoulder as my wet pussy brings him pleasure. As our bodies calm down he holds me close.

Facing each other, I pull his face closer to mine as the light shines on our naked bodies, there in the parking lot of the school. Kissing him hungrily, we are interrupted by the ring of my phone… back to the party we go. 

Oh what a drive…





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