Friday , 18 April 2014
Blog Disclaimer

Blog Disclaimer

Ok, so I have been procrastinating with my blog disclaimer for months, and I realised that now that I am back to writing and my frame of thought has changed a little, that it may be best if I get cracking on writing it. So… with my fingers on the keyboard, eyes on the Lifetime channel and my mind busting at the seams with the thoughts, here goes.

 DunEenWorryWifIt is a personal blog. The views and opinions expressed here represent my own and belong to me and do not represent those of the people, institutions or organizations that I may or may not be associated with; professional or personally, unless explicitly stated. Any of the views or opinions expressed are not meant to degrade or slander anyone, religion, company or organisation. 

This blog serves as an outlet, it is merely a glimpse of the trials, tribulations, lessons, views and opinions that I may have at a particular moment in life. As time goes on and the clouds manipulate into different shapes so does my thoughts and opinions. With knowledge being free and the mind being the most powerful tool we can have, I reserve the right to evolve my thoughts, views and opinions and knowledge and understanding of the topics I write about, as they are subject to change with no reason or notice.

FYI: I’m no lawyer despite my countless reruns of Law And Order, so there are probably some points that I’ve forgotten. If there are, I’m not responsible for them. I don’t take responsibility for much more than waking myself up in the morning.

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